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Cintel Communications - About Us

As an established veteran communication company, founded in 2017, we know that personal accompaniment, affordable prices, quality products and proficiency are the secret to success. In addition, our main guiding line is that everything starts and ends in people – customers, training, post-purchase accompaniment and Liability.

In the course of it years of operation, Cintel has grown, evolved into a well known, strong reputation company, providing faithful services with a high volume of availability. The company services a wide spectrum of customers in health sector, government sector, education sector, private customers and more.

Cintel Communications is offering you a verity of quality communication products for your business and for your private use:

Audio conference equipment, Conference phones communication systems, headsets for phones or computers, IP phones, access points, conference video cameras, security cameras, wireless headsets, PoE switch, VoIP gateway, PA systems, analog phones and more – leverage your business one step forward (or a few). Cintel always concentrates on security and highest level of service possible. Our solutions are always a priority, serving leading companies in the Israeli market such as: Banks, Hi-tech, government bodies, law offices, start-ups, PR, investment houses, traditional companies and private sector as well. For us, bringing you industry leading solutions is our aim that meets your strategic goals right now, solutions that will serve you for years, with an option to upgrade at any level. Our mission is promoting our love for technology and transform your organization workflow into success.

Our Vision

In this era, our globe has become a global village and transatlantic businesses occur daily. Cintel is a premier technology provider, with wide multiplex solutions, emphasizing on high quality communication equipment providing unparalleled sound and performance of our products. Noise cancelling background headsets, non-static video, sharp, clear pictures and video equipment.

Business communication needs are supported with our advanced equipment. Cintel Communications leads the market with our audio, video and web conference equipment  – sit in the office or on the couch at home and maintain virtual live meetings – remotely, worldwide!

This revolutionary idea already leads businesses prefer to replace the physical meetings, which comes with a effort, costs, time and investment, with virtual live meetings, supported by advanced and professional equipment.

Invite you to join the quest

In summary, we invite you too to enjoy from a high quality and reliable communication products that will serve you for years.
Cintel is one of the most reliable ecommerce online communicational shop, so that you can make reservation any time from any place, through the mobile, desktop or tablet.
At Cintel Communications We undertake the following rules:
The highest level of service and personal attention
A close escort that includes guidance for using products
Attractive prices
Full availability

Our address: Gloska 3, Rishon Letzion, Israel | Phone: 054-633-1641 | Email: ofri@avdor.com

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